Campaign Concept

It’s common wisdom in certain circles that evil campaigns never work out. It may sound like fun to be the bad guys, but inevitably, the conventional wisdom goes, such games always turn into brutal player versus player vengeance fests. If the characters do not simply assassinate one another, then they likely wander the world murdering everything unlucky enough to encounter them. If, miracle of miracles, they manage a motivation beyond repetitive carnage, the campaign is still likely to fall apart in the face of just how hard it can be to come up with an inspiring wicked scheme. Evil games, the naysayers contend, suck.

They have a point.

In “good guy” campaigns you work together, defeat monsters, accumulate treasure and levels and maybe by the end of the game save the world. Again.

In Wrath of the Wicked we’re going to travel a darker road. We’re going to put together an evil campaign that works. Yes, it’ll take more thought and preparation but if done well, will be immensely satisfying.

Why bother? Why not always play the good guys? The short answer – it’s fun to be the bad guy! It’s fun to menace the populace in black spiky armor and call forth the powers of Hell to do your bidding. Bad guys get all the best lines. Bad guys have style. Bad guys get to laugh maniacally as they plot the downfall of those fools who dared oppose them!

Here, the forces of evil have a reason to work together. Here, the forces of evil have a purpose beyond simply murdering everything they meet. Here, the villains are part of a complex conspiracy to usher in a new world order and as they rise in power, to become dark lords in their own right. The guidelines presented here will help you be the best bad guy you can be.

So take a break from saving the world. Take a break from restless farm boys and lovable scoundrels who unite to fight an ancient evil. Put on your best black hat and get ready to unleash the Wrath of the Wicked. By the time you are done, the world will tremble in your wake.

Part I: Campaign Concept
Part II: The Heart of Villainy
Part III: Game Play
Part IV: Character Creation
Part V: Talingarde

Campaign Concept

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