Character Creation


Guilty! You are a criminal – the worst of the worst. Too dangerous to live among the good people of Talingarde, they dragged you in chains before the magistrate and condemned you. They sent you to the worst prison in the land, and there they forever marked you. They held you down and branded you with a runic “F.” You are forsaken.

You will not be at Branderscar Prison for long. It is only a holding pen. In three days – justice comes. In three days – everything ends.

Step 0: Lawful Evil Alignment
The PCs have been hand-picked by an unknown benefactor and brought together with the intention of forming a team that can work together.

Please read The Path of Vengeance.

Step 1: Character Concept
Before generating a character, start with at least a broad concept of the character. The concept does not have to be static and just as it will influence choices of character generation, some aspects of character generation can influence the concept.

Step 2: Determine Ability Scores
Standard Point Buy – 15 points

Step 3: Pick Your Race
PCs may be dwarf, elf, halfling, human, or tiefling.

Step 4: Pick Your Class
Medium Advancement. Available PC classes: alchemist, bard, blackguard, cavalier, cleric, fighter, inquisitor, magus, oracle, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, summoner, witch/warlock, and wizard.

Step 5: Pick Skills and Select Feats

Step 6: Buy Equipment
PCs begin with the Average amount of starting character wealth. Players should purchase starting equipment up to the indicated amount without going over and list it on a sheet separate from their character (do not equip your character with it). Excess gold is lost and not converted to coin.

Step 7: Choose Trait and Crime
PCs receive two traits, but one must be chosen from Crimes of the Forsaken.

Step 8: Finishing Details
PCs gain Villain Points using the same mechanic as Hero Points.

*All characters and aspects of characters are subject to approval.

Part I: Campaign Concept
Part II: The Heart of Villainy
Part III: Game Play
Part IV: Character Creation
Part V: Talingarde

Character Creation

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