Game Play

Below are the approaches to game play that are being emphasized in Wrath of the Wicked. Again, if you find that you cannot support all of these, this might not be the campaign for you.

Role-Play & Roll-Play
Emphasis on speaking in character first-person, minimizing use of game terminology, minimizing use of out-of-character knowledge, and maximizing an immersive experience.

Challenge Players & Characters
PCs succeed or fail based just as much upon the choices the players make as the weapons and power the characters wield. My goal is to challenge you with decisions and impartially provide the outcomes.

Rules & Rulings
As DM I will utilize a combination of book rules and fiat rulings. Players will get more by asking questions, being imaginative, and role-playing colorfully with the results influenced by a die roll than simply rolling a die and saying they use a particular skill or ability or mechanic.

No Game Balance
Players should not expect to somehow always face challenges of just the right difficulty for their characters’ level. PCs have no “right” only to encounter monsters they can defeat, no “right” only to encounter traps they can disarm, no “right” to invoke a particular rule from the books, and no “right” to a die roll in every particular circumstance.

Resource Management is Important
Torches, food, spells, water, encumbrance, sleep, etc. all matter. Critical choices regarding limited resources and impending danger can make for great drama.

Ask Questions & Be Imaginative
Avoid making assumptions, even about written rules. Ask questions, explore a situation, test the assumptions you are making. Also, be imaginative in your actions. Be descriptive and accept ambiguity.

It’s Hard to be Bad
You are a villain in a hostile and dangerous world. Every organized arm of society is aligned against you. If entertainment is fun without failure and progress without pain, you will have to find it somewhere else. Sure it’ll be hard, but won’t overcoming such adversity just make your victory that much more satisfying?

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Game Play

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