The Heart of Villainy

The success of the campaign can only be accomplished with the collaboration and buy-in of the Campaign Concept by players and DM alike. Additionally, everyone should be willing to subscribe to the principles below. If you do not feel you can support all of the guidelines presented in this campaign, it just might not be for you.

No Rest for the Wicked
Good can afford to be passive, evil cannot. The PCs are willing participants in a complex conspiracy to bring ruin to the kingdom of Talingarde and give its rule to the followers of Asmodeus.

Minions are Average
As potential masterminds and leaders of villainous organizations, the PCs may have retainers and followers willing to do their bidding. These minions can handle everyday, average situations but will most likely fail at any complex or major endeavor. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

Us Against the World
The PCs are unified in a common cause. They may be ruthless villains out to destroy Talingarde by any means at their disposal but they are not out to destroy each other. From the very beginning, they must work together or face death – the PCs only have each other. The nation of Talingarde is their enemy, their mysterious benefactor clearly has his own agenda and even other evil organizations are more rivals than allies. Who can they trust? Who can they rely upon? The answer should be clear – each other.

PG-13 Villainy
Even in an evil campaign there are norms of acceptable behavior. Graphic descriptions of torture, sacrifice, murder or other vile acts are not welcome. Still, there may be compelling reasons the characters engage in such acts. And why not? They are villains after all. The solution is to allow the action but to keep the descriptions and details “off screen.”

Undeniable Destiny
It would be boring and cliche to play bad guys who consciously think of themselves as evil and senselessly pursue a diabolical scheme for no reason save sheer wickedness. Give your villains motivations beyond the senseless pursuit of evil. Every PC starts as a criminal, true enough. By why did they turn to crime? When could they have last turned back? And now that they cannot, whom do they blame for their scars? The PCs seek to unleash their wrath upon the world – just be sure to know why.

Way of the Wicked
Players should make characters with backgrounds and personalities that can participate in the campaign – characters that are willing to work together with other party members, characters that can support a complex conspiracy, characters that can join an evil organization and swear service to an archdevil. The campaign is dependent upon characters who say yes to these opportunities. Therefore, you should make characters who can say yes.

Part I: Campaign Concept
Part II: The Heart of Villainy
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Part V: Talingarde

The Heart of Villainy

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